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Social Media Consulting Company [B]cause Media is…

[B]cause Media | Social Media Communications is a small company located in Vancouver, Washington (Not Canada but the United States). We help small businesses strengthen their brand and increase productivity by connecting with current and potential customers in the social media world.

During the process of building our company, launching a website, and working with a few clients, we’ve defined our services and honed our voice — show and teach small business owners the power of social media communications.

After researching the field and doing a competitor analysis it’s clear to us what we want to be and what we don’t want to be. We don’t want to be just another consulting company. No. We want to be more than that.

Our core values as individuals will always come first with [B]cause Media — that is helping our community become a better place to live. Giving is our passion. Social Media is our interest. We started this business because we know how effective social media can be (if used properly), and if small businesses in our community fail because we withheld this information than we failed as individuals.

Along with our charitable contributions (client’s choice) and making a conscience effort not to display any advertisements on our website — we are here to help our community succeed more than ourselves. That’s the message we hope to get across — “Good for Business. Good for the Community.”

These past few months have been busy, but rewarding. We’ve seen our clients turn around from non-believers to outright preachers of social media. They are excited, enthusiastic, and have hope for the future of their business. Amen.

We will continue to spread the social media gospel and help small businesses thrive and become successful in a little town called Vancouver, WA.

How does your business reflect your self-beliefs? How does your company give back to your community?