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“ONE” Gift This Christmas

The other day I was waiting for a friend while she ordered her coffee at Starbucks. As I was waiting and browsing around the coffee shop I saw a book in the Starbucks’ [RED] section. The book is called “ONE: How Many People Does it Take to Make a Difference?”

On the book cover there is a [RED] strip of paper that states,

Throughout your life there’s a voice that only you can hear. It’s a call to the true value of your life — a call to make a difference that only you can make. If you never hear it, something magical will be lost. But if you hear it and heed it, then your life will become a wonderful romance and adventure. Now is the time. Jump in. Make a splash. Change the World

Wow! What a powerful statement.

“ONE” is not your typical feel good, kum-ba-ya  book. Trust me, I’ve read a ton of those kinds of books. This short 80-page book, written by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada, is filled with inspirational stories, quotes, data, and call to action decisions.

Inside the book, creative fonts and new age colors are chic, but the message will grab you and speak to your soul. Beginning with page one — instead of asking, “What can I get from life? to “What can I give?” — to the three word statement at the end of the book, “Be the difference.”

If there is “ONE” gift to give this Christmas, “ONE” is it. It’s $9.95 and only available at Starbucks.

Go out and get “ONE” (or two or three).