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Engaging Businesses to Get Involved In Community

One of our strong desires at [B]cause Media is to ensure that our business model reflects our personal beliefs — giving back to our community to make it a better place. We do that by volunteering and donating to causes and organizations that speak close to our hearts.  Rarely, a weekend goes by without us doing some type of volunteer work — online or offline.


Here are some volunteering ideas:

Habitat for Humanity – This organization builds homes in poverty-stricken areas for those in need and you may even make a new friend while you’re at it! Go to and click on the “Get Involved” tab in the upper left hand corner, or click on “Volunteer Locally” on the home page.

American Red Cross
– These are the people at the heart of our disaster situations. You can even volunteer your time by donating blood, which is so important for those who depend on it! At the home page, on, click on “Giving and Getting Involved”, and select “Volunteer.”

United Way – This organization is good for people that like variety or that can’t find a volunteer opportunity that they’re crazy about- they can connect you with everything from seniors living at home to children that need help with schoolwork. Visit the site at, and click on “Volunteer” under “Education.”

Big Brother/Big Sister – If you enjoy working with children and would like to meet someone with the same interests as you, this is the one! Big Brother/Big Sister programs pair you with a boy or girl, based on your interests, and you are their mentor. Have fun going on a walk together and grabbing an ice cream cone in the middle of July, or sit outside and do Algebra homework together! Many people stick with this for long periods of time because of the friendships that are made, and this helps the children have someone stable in their lives. Check out and click on “Volunteering” on the left hand side.

Meals on Wheels – This organization provides meals for seniors that live at home independently. Another wonderful way to meet some new friends! Click on the link: and go to “Take Action” near the bottom of the pages.

When was the last time you gave back to your community?

Social Media Consulting Company [B]cause Media is…

[B]cause Media | Social Media Communications is a small company located in Vancouver, Washington (Not Canada but the United States). We help small businesses strengthen their brand and increase productivity by connecting with current and potential customers in the social media world.

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TisBest Charity Gift Card Is More Than Just Giving

A great business advice for any start up or organization is “expect the unexpected.” It’s a nice surprise to see something that you’ve planned develops into something far greater than what you’ve expected. That’s what happened to the nonprofit business TisBest Charity Gift Cards. Their gift cards grew into something more than giving and supporting charities, but a tool to teach nonbelievers that giving is good.

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We’re all Social Media Specialists

Saw this cartoon and it made me think of whats to come in the next year or two. A few “experts” will claim to be  “Social Media Specialists” just because they are on Twitter and Facebook.


Success in social media for a business is more than being on the web, but an overall communication strategy that engages passive customers into loyal customers.

How many customers say “I saw your announcement on Twitter or Facebook?” If the answer is none to a very few, then your social media communications strategy by your “Social Media Specialist” isn’t working.