Building Customer Relationships for Brands and Nonprofits with Social Media Communications Strategies

What We Do…

We develop award-winning digital marketing and social media optimization (SMO) strategies for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and political and community campaigns

Creative Strategies

We will evaluate your current online presence, including other traffic drivers, to develop innovative social media communications strategies based on your organization's goals.

Build Relationships

We will train you on how to conduct targeted searches to reach individuals across social networking platforms and learn about the things that drive them to the conversation.

Conduct Research

Our social media optimization team will develop a list of content resources to utilize as part of your social media program by monitoring the buzz on social networks of your industry.

Performance Metrics

Measuring your results. We will provide a status report of key performance metrics to help identify your organization's ROI, reach, and impact of your social networking activity over time.

Tools We Like

Buffer App A smarter way to tweet
Hootsuite Social media dashboard
Manage Flitter Twitter management Content curation tool
Twazzup Real-time news search
Timely Best time to tweet
Diigo Social bookmarking tool
Curation Traffic Curation WP theme
Metricly Aggregates your data


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